Icons in Style: Solange Knowles

When one has a sister as prolific as Beyoncé, it is not the easiest of feats to step out of your sibling’s shadow and create an individual presence in the media. But with her pedigree for mixing vibrant prints, clashing bold colours and injecting a sense of playfulness into each outfit, Solange Knowles has certainly left behind the title of ‘Queen B’s lil’ sister’ and has proved herself to be a true style chameleon.

It was Solange herself who wrote the lyric ‘I’m not her and never will be’, reflecting the media’s persistent comparison of Solange to her older sister, and her original style has projected the message of this lyric further onto the fashion world.

Her status as a ‘style icon’ was cemented in 2012 when Vogue documented her style every day for one month. In the style diary, Solange shows how versatile her eye-catching style is; one day she’s wearing a cream blouse and tangerine midi skirt, which quite frankly wouldn’t look out of place in a boardroom, and two days later she’s in a very casual Opening Ceremony dress on her way to the beach. It’s Solange’s touch of the unexpected in a world of safe, mundane dressing that makes her a true style icon.

Natasha Gregson

Originally published as a collective piece in Impact Magazine.

Photo Credit: Braden Fletcher via Flickr.


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