January: A List

Oh I do love a good list. There is something about making a list that really makes you feel like you have your life together, and admittedly later somewhat guilty when looking at said list and tallying up the incomplete tasks. Anyway, it’s been established that I am rather fond of the odd list or two. So as a self-indulgent series I have decided to compose a monthly list, published at the end of each month of all the things that made the month for me.

  1. Yes Please by Amy Poehler

I find a collection of essays takes me longer to read than a standard novel because you can put it down for a good few months then turn to the last dog-eared page and instantly resume reading, no re-cap necessary. I find I have been slowly making my way through Poehler’s book for the past few months and the end is finally in sight (not that I’m complaining; Poehler is witty, smart and just all round pretty damn brilliant). Buy this book, if only for Poehler’s infectious enthusiasm.

2. French Wine


By the gallon. I was lucky enough to spend part of the month in the beautiful alpine town of Val Thorens. As much as I would like to claim I had that 60s après-ski look nailed with an Ed Westwick in Chalet Girl look-a-like in tow, the truth is that I will never ever ever look good in skiwear, a fact I have slowly and reluctantly come to terms with. But the skiing? Ah yes, I’m a pro (wishful thinking). But honestly, what a wonderful week with amazing friends. And to that I will happily raise my glass (of Pinot) to.

3. The anti-New Years Resolution

I say f*ck NY resolutions. They only bring about guilt when the inevitable happens and you find yourself 3 weeks later surrounded by a late night, frenzied order of dough balls (true story). Instead of this new year, new me nonsense, think new year, better me. Enjoy the year. Eat good food. Read great books. Say yes to new experiences and opportunities. Love, laugh and have fun. Now that sounds like a better 2016 to me than stressing over the calorie content of a carrot.

4. Movie Marathons

There’s nothing quite as indulgent as spending a Sunday afternoon under the duvet catching up on films. January is often regarded as the most depressing of months and I find when the days are short and bitter it’s the small pleasures in life that really do put a smile on your face. That and the fact that I believe that Sundays should always be spent indoors and in pyjamas. Legend, She’s Funny That Way, 50/50 and The Testament of Youth are among my favourites I’ve watched this month.

And now it’s February. January happened so quick and I’m sure I will have the same reflection at the end of February. But onto the month of the Oscars; better get back to those movie marathons…

What have been your highlights of January?


Natasha Gregson


Photo Credit: Kate Ter Haar via Flickr and Natasha Gregson


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